Tang Enterprises Ltd provides engineering and business consultancy services to both UK and Chinese companies.

The company vision is: to provide the best service and support UK companies to develop business in China, and likewise assist Chinese businesses to expand in the UK and EU.

Our work to date includes successfully assisting a British company locate its Chinese supplier; this included a visit to China to assess the factory and enter into formal talks with the Chinese company. Before and during the visit, we provided services such as: research, translation, and business consultancy.

With over 22 years of international work experience, Tang Enterprises Ltd has the expertise and experience to take your project from inception to post completion.

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  • Providing business advice to UK and Chinese businesses to develop opportunities in both countries. This will dramatically reduce miss-understandings, time waste, cost and political litigation
  • Managing your projects locally, nationally and internationally
  • Providing expert advice in Dimensional Management field; in particular, for the automotive industry
  • Undertaking general engineering projects such as quality, product design, manufacturing engineering, continuous improvement, problem solving (6 sigma project) etc
  • Providing excellent part / tooling inspection; expert in PC DMIS and CAMIO programming
  • Offering oral and written translation between Chinese and English; in particular with the technical expertise in the Company we can give accurate and faster service in engineering fields
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